Getman materials transport vehicles are versatile underground carriers designed to move materials throughout a mining operation reliably and efficiently, ensuring loads are delivered where they are needed when they are needed. Available customized packages maximize the opportunity for utilization throughout underground operations while increasing efficiency and productivity during loading and unloading scenarios.

Getman’s A64 ExC Transporter-S is specially designed to safely and efficiently transport bulk explosives throughout underground operations, increasing operational safety through purpose-built features such as full anti-static lining in all loading areas as well as separate enclosed compartments for blasting caps, detonator cord and other explosives materials.  Multiple sizes and capacities are available, ensuring an optimal mix of maneuverability and capacity.

A64 materials transport vehicles protect worker safety by eliminating the need for improvised solutions when transporting heavy, dangerous or specialized loads, and integrate into the full A64 product range, allowing for efficient inventory carrying requirements and minimal maintenance training requirements.

Materials Transporting Package

  • Anti-static storage for up to eighty 25 kg (55 lb) ANFO bags
  • Blasting cap and detonator storage compartment lined with plywood and gypsum board to prevent transfer of static charge, 480 mm/290 mm/760 mm (19 in/11.5 in/30 in) W/H/D

A64 ExC Transporter-S Specification Sheet (Updated: Feb 12, 2015)

A64 ExC Transporter-S Drawing Sheet (Updated: Aug 2, 2013)

A64 Product Catalog (Updated: Sept 18, 2014)