Getman cable stringers are purpose-built mining vehicles designed to facilitate safe installation and recovery of electrical cable in underground mining operations.  Cable stringers drive value by facilitating safe and efficient cable installations, and are also used in the removal of installed cable from areas of the mine where that cable is no longer needed, allowing for recouped materials costs and environmental credits for the reuse of materials.

Getman’s A64 Cable Stringer-S is designed to hang cable in tunnels with back heights ranging from 3.5 m high to 6.0 m high (11.5 ft to 19.5 ft), and has an onboard hydraulically powered cable spool allowing for a wide range of cable size and length to be transported by the machine.  The 225 kg (500 lb) basket provides ample capacity for a worker and all required materials for cable stringing.

A64 cable stringers protect worker safety through purpose-built design, including fall arrest anchor points in all elevated work platforms.  Machine stability is ensured through a simple system of steer and boom limitation, and counterbalance valves ensure a gradual and controlled decent of the boom in the unlikely event of a damaged hydraulic hose.

Cable Hanging Package

  • 1320 mm (52 in) diameter by 1422 mm (56 in) long cable reel, with 854 mm (34 in) diameter drum section
  • Cable reel suitable for up to 500 m (1,640 ft) of 44 mm (1.75 in) cable
  • Reel support structure mounted near articulation
  • Safety railing with manual retractable roller cross bars to support cable guiding
  • Hydrostatic reel drive motor with air spring loaded drive wheel with dual controls located on rear chassis and in man basket
  • Bell shaped cable support channel mounted on the first boom section, small cable support channel on the end of the second boom section, cable support channel on the basket
Man Lift Package
  • Getman telescopic boom with 2800 mm (110 in) hydraulic extension, and maximum 11° slewing to each side
  • Counterbalance valves
  • Dual boom and basket controls mounted at the boom turret and in man basket
  • Self-leveling, non-rotating man basket with 227 kg (500 lb) capacity
  • Non-skid deck
  • Fall arrest tie-offs
  • Engine start and engine stop in man basket
  • Fire suppression actuator in man basket

A64 Cable Stringer-S Specification Sheet (Updated: Feb 10, 2015)

A64 Cable Stringer-S Drawing Sheet (Updated: Aug 2, 2013)

A64 Product Catalog (Updated: Sept 18, 2014)