Getman multi-purpose vehicles are designed for maximum utilization by using a system of interchangeable application-specific pallets transported by a single carrier, allowing a single vehicle to perform multiple tasks throughout an underground operation.

Getman’s A64 HD Pallet Handler offers a comprehensive system of application pallets, including multiple materials transporting pallets, and customized pallets are available based on specific needs.  The A64 Pallet Handler has a high capacity payload up to 9,070 kg (20,000 lb), allowing for heavy loads to be transported easily and efficiently.

A64 multi-purpose vehicles protect worker safety through purpose-built design.  Pallets can be mounted and dismounted from the carrier by a single operator from the safety of the operators compartment, and pallets can be loaded from ground level to eliminate the need to climb on the machine.

Pallet Handler Setup

  • Pallet transport package
    • 7,250 kg (16,000 lb) transport capacity with pneumatic or foam-filled tires
    • 9,070 kg (20,000 lb) transport capacity with core-filled tires
  • Optional electric controls inside operator compartment for pallet loading/unloading

Flat Pallet

  • 2083 mm x 4267 mm (82 in x 168 in) deck area
  • Tie-down handles along sides
  • Front bulkhead with visibility cutouts

A64 HD Pallet Handler Specification Sheet (Updated: Feb 20, 2015)

A64 HD Pallet Handler Drawing Sheet (Updated: Oct 16, 2014)

A64 Product Catalog (Updated: Sept 18, 2014)