The complete line of Getman Explosives Chargers is engineered to transport and charge explosives safely and efficiently in multiple development and production applications.

A wide range of boom configurations allow for charging multiple face sizes or in up-hole settings, and each Getman Explosives Charger can be configured to accommodate ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil) packages or emulsion packages, or both.  ANFO storage tank capacity can be optimized to meet a variety of applications, and the Getman chassis accommodates most third party emulsion pumping systems.

Like all Getman A64 units, our Explosives Chargers are designed with safety as a primary consideration.  Operators are protected by key features including fall arrest anchor points in the man basket.  Counterbalance valves in the boom lift cylinders keep the basket from falling rapidly in the event of a damaged hose, and the ROPS/FOPS operator station canopy provides safety during tramming.

  • The boom and basket assembly is positioned over the chassis during tramming to reduce stresses on the boom, and to protect the boom and basket in the event of accidental contact with the mine walls
  • Special corrosion-resistant hydraulic fittings are used in boom and basket assembly for improved performance when exposed to corrosive explosive materials
  • Equipped with an ANFO package and/or plug-and-play ready for a third-party emulsion package
  • Multiple ANFO configurations and capacities are available, including one or two stainless steel ANFO vessels and single or dual delivery systems
  • Laminated (steel/gypsum board/plywood) stick powder and cap storage compartments (30 CFR § 57.6201 Compliant)
  • Equipped to charge explosives utilizing the mine’s air system and/or in a self-contained version with an onboard air compressor
  • Telescopic boom with counterbalance valves
  • Self-leveling man basket
  • Dual boom controls: lower controls at base of boom, upper controls (pilot hydraulic) in man basket
  • Four hydraulic stabilizers with pilot check valves
  • Engine start/stop and fire suppression activation controls in man basket
  • Fall arrest anchor points standard on all elevated work baskets
  • Air-powered electric/hydraulic package for charging explosives with the diesel engine off
  • Emergency electric-powered hydraulic boom lowering package
  • Safety Interlock Control System (SICS) assures stabilizers are extended before boom operation
  • Hydraulic-powered hose pusher


The Getman line of mobile elevated platform trucks delivers a safe, reliable and productive range of vehicles for use in a wide assortment of maintenance and construction operations including: roof-bolting; screening and surveying; cable, pipe, and vent hanging; and many other back and rib projects.

Built on the A64 Chassis, Getman offers six variations on the Scissor Lift designed to meet the specific needs of your underground operation. Each utilizes common components and systems with the entire A64 range of production and production support equipment.

Safety in the Getman Scissor Lift range is emphasized by fall arrest anchor points located through the non-skid platform, while all Getman scissor lift trucks are thoroughly reviewed to ensure maximum stability during working operations.

  • Compliant with all recognized standards for stability
  • Dual controls: lower controls on the rear frame, upper controls (pilot hydraulic) on platform deck
    • Optional electric platform and stabilizer controls located in the operator station
  • Engine start/stop and fire suppression activation controls located on the platform
  • Four 610 mm (24 in) stabilizers standard on most models
    • Optional four 1220 mm (48 in) leveling jacks to level the platform when working on ramps
  • Telescopic ladder available on most models allowing maximum operational flexibility for work crews
  • Non-skid platform with capacities up to 3,600 kg (8,000 lb)
  • Two 3-stage, single-acting cylinders with in-line flow limiters to prevent uncontrolled descent in the event of hose failure or damaged hose
    • Optional counterbalance valves on lift cylinders (replacing in-line flow limiters) with emergency platform lowering pump-off package
  • Fixed safety railing with mid-rail or safety chain
  • Fall arrest tie-offs standard on all elevated work platforms

Standard Lift Arms
28.43 Axles

HD Lift Arms
28.43 Axles

HD Lift Arms
28.60 Axles

  A64 SL-S

2,500 kg
(5,500 lb)

2,700 kg
(6,000 lb)
  A64 SL 2,500 kg
(5,500 lb)
2,700 kg
(6,000 lb)
2,700 kg
(6,000 lb)
  A64 SL Wing   2,040 kg
(4,500 lb)
2,700 kg
(6,000 lb)
  A64 SL Slider   2,040 kg
(4,500 lb)
2,700 kg
(6,000 lb)
  A64 SL 6M     3,600 kg
(8,000 lb)
  A64 SL Hanger     2,175 kg
(4,800 lb)
  • Air powered electric/hydraulic system (using mine air while diesel engine not operating)
  • Manual pipe jacks
  • Safety Interlock Control System (SICS) assuring stabilizers are extended before platform operation

The Getman line of lubrication trucks is built on the A64 Chassis and is engineered to carry fuels, hydraulic oils, engine oils, drill oils and many other service fluids throughout underground mining operations. Getman Lube trucks are engineered with robust design principles allowing them to perform at high levels throughout underground mining operations with minimal downtime and maximum availability.

All Getman fuel and lubrication trucks can be customized to produce a wide variety of tank configurations, and onboard grease services and air supply are included to enhance product line utility. Individual heavy-duty, self-retracting reels for each service are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions found in underground mining while maximizing worker efficiency.

Getman Lubrication trucks also focus on protecting worker safety.  Work areas are illuminated to ensure maximum visibility during operations, and auto-retract service hose reels reduce worker fatigue and strain.

  • Hose reels located at the rear of the machine to facilitate easy servicing on either side of the vehicle
  • Service tanks located on passenger side to minimize obstructed rear visibility
  • Service tank construction with 6 mm (.25 in) plate and internal baffles
  • Service tank fill ports located on each end of the tank for flexible operation
  • Sight gauge level indicators on all service tanks
  • Easy service tank clean out access for simplified maintenance
  • Service tanks bolted to frame for easy removal, repair and replacement
  • Hydraulic powered fluid services with spring return hose reels
  • 38 L/min (10 gpm) fluid service delivery rate with 15 m (50 ft) hose
  • High-pressure, pneumatic powered grease service sized for 54 kg (120 lb) drum, including hose and reel
  • Compressed air service using engine-driven compressor or higher output hydraulic-driven compressor, including air hose reel
  • Increased diesel delivery rate of 190 L/min (50 gpm)
  • Wiggins delivery nozzles
  • Metered diesel and oil delivery nozzles
  • Remote Wiggins fill for service tanks


The Getman line of knuckle crane and flat deck trucks, all built on the A64 Chassis, includes a variety of multipurpose vehicles designed to perform a wide range of maintenance and logistics functions in underground mining operations.

A64 Crane trucks enhance safety and productivity by performing heavy lifting and transport operations with a purpose-built solution, resulting in fewer accidents and injuries during the process of moving components and supplies throughout the mining operation.  Getman Crane trucks also add value to mining operations by ensuring that materials are delivered throughout the mine on time, going where they are needed, and performing when they are needed.

The design of the A64 Crane truck is optimized to deliver maximum utility in a compact envelope.  The high-capacity knuckle crane is mounted near the articulation joint to maximize payload and available deck space. Deck options include low flatdeck and high flushdeck allowing for a wide variety of loading scenarios.

  • Crane mounted at the machine articulation joint to maximize payload and available deck space
  • Crane assembly mounted within frame envelope for protection from accidental contact with mine walls during tramming
  • Outriggers mounted on the crane allow unrestricted crane capacity when articulated
  • Available tie-down straps for securing cargo during tramming
  • Additional storage compartments available under the deck

Hiab 044-1 (A64 Crane-S)

  • 2-section knuckle crane
  • 39 kN•m (28,800 ft•lb) class capacity
  • 4.7 m (15 ft 5 in) maximum outreach with 830 kg (1,850 lb) capacity
  • 180° slewing angle

Palfinger PK8501A (A64 Crane)

  • 3-section low mast crane
  • 76.5 kN•m (56,440 ft•lb) class capacity
  • 7.6 m (25 ft) maximum outreach with 2,100 kg (4,629 lb) capacity
  • 180° slewing angle
  • Low Flatdeck: Deck height 848 mm (2 ft 9 in), distance between the fenders 1251 mm (4 ft 1 in)
  • High Flushdeck: Deck height 1172 mm (3 ft 10 in), mounted over fenders for a fully flat cargo area

28.43 Axles
10x20 Tires

28.43 Axles
12x20 Tires

28.60 Axles
12x20 Tires

  A64 Crane-S
  Low Flatdeck

4,540 kg
(10,000 lb)


  A64 Crane
  Low Flatdeck

4,540 kg
(10,000 lb)
5,450 kg
(12,000 lb)
8,620 kg
(19,000 lb)

  A64 Crane
  High Flushdeck

  4,540 kg
(10,000 lb)
7,710 kg
(17,000 lb)
  • Crane cylinder rod guards
  • All models also available without crane


The Getman A64 Pallet Handler is a single carrier system designed to perform multiple logistics-related tasks throughout underground mining operations by utilizing application-specific pallets including: personnel carrier pallets, lubrication pallets, material transporter pallets and more.

Getman Pallet Handler systems allow mines to perform multiple part-time applications with a single carrier, maximizing equipment utilization and return on investment. The Pallet Handler also enhances safety and productivity by allowing pallets to be loaded and unloaded from ground level while the carrier is performing other functions.

  • Designed for fast pick up and set down of pallets by a single operator seated in the operator’s compartment
  • Loading, tie-down and unloading of pallets performed at ground level
  • Single control operation with indicator lights showing the stage of loading/unloading
  • Easily accessed PLC control for Pallet Handler loading and unloading functions
  • Roll-on/roll-off pallet loading performed using a single high-torque hydraulic motor with double roller chain and shuttle hook
  • Quick couple hydraulic fittings for pallets requiring hydraulic flow

Flat Pallet:

  • 2082 mm × 3658 mm (6 ft 10 in × 12 ft) flat deck
  • 5,450 kg (12,000 lb) transport capacity on flat deck pallet

PC Pallet:

  • 16-person capacity
  • Padded bench seats with individual seat belts

Service Lube Pallet:

  • Hydraulic powered fluid services with spring return hose reels
  • 38 L/min (10 gpm) fluid service delivery rate with 15 m (50 ft) hose
  • High-pressure, pneumatic powered grease service sized for 54 kg (120 lb) drum, including hose and reel
  • Compressed air service using engine-driven compressor, including air hose reel

Service Fuel Pallet:

  • One 5300 L (1400 gal) diesel fuel tank
  • 38 L/min (10 gpm) fluid service delivery rate with 15 m (50 ft) hose

Vacuum Pallet:

  • Vacuum service package
  • 3596 L (950 gal) sump/waste
  • 2460 L (650 gal) waste, 1135 L (300 gal) fresh chemical
  • Hydraulic-driven vacuum pump

Water Sprayer Pallet:

  • One 4540 L (1200 gal) water tank

Hiab 044-1 Crane

  • 2-section knuckle crane, mounted on truck frame
  • 39 kN•m (28,800 ft•lb) class capacity
  • 4.7 m (15 ft 5 in) outreach
  • 180° slewing angle