Built To Extreme Standards — Ours.
Built to Specific Needs — Yours.


Getman standards were developed over generations of listening to and working with mining operations around the world. That experience is built into every product we make.

Getman knows you work in a hostile environment. Whether you’re mining hard rock or soft, every piece of gear that's running helps make money. That's the reason to choose Getman. It‘s that simple.


Built for Underground

Our Equipment Tells the Story

Getman machines are built for long life underground.

  • Fabricated box-section frames and structural components that meet the highest standards in the
    mining industry
  • Heavy-duty, wide mount articulation
  • Heavy-duty engine mounts
  • Cradle and axle mounts
  • Electrical junction box mounted at the articulation joint
  • Hydraulic lines routed on the cool side of the engine
  • Protective troughs for hydraulics to minimize heat
  • Linear detection loop fire suppression

Maximized For Uptime Through Smart Engineering

Mining takes a toll on any equipment. All equipment needs service, eventually. Getman equipment is designed to save time without cutting corners during routine service. The result is equipment that spends a lot less time being worked on and a lot more time working.

Building equipment for the mining industry is our business. It’s all that we do. It shows in the products we make and the way we build them.

You choose Getman to support your mining operations to gain the most productivity possible. And in the end, isn’t that what your operation needs?