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Posted on Mar 20th, 2015
Getman Corporation is an international company that manufactures and distributes underground mining vehicles, and our company prides itself on helping mines work safely and efficiently worldwide while using our products.  We have products on 6 continents and over 24 countries… but that’s not all we do.
Posted on Feb 19th, 2015
Like many people learning about early American settlers heading west to strike it rich, I envisioned the iconic prospector with pan in hand ready to discover his future.  The classic narrative of a prospector finding the once-in-a-lifetime nugget embodies that period in the history of US gold mining.  It wasn’t until much later that I learned the real treasure was there all along, just too small to see with the naked eye.  Many prospectors were surrounded by gold and never saw it.


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Posted on Apr 10th, 2015
High-capacity concrete transporter moves concrete loads safely and efficiently underground.
Posted on Feb 02nd, 2015
Mechanical Hose Pusher facilitates safer and more efficient explosives charging underground.
Posted on Nov 03rd, 2014
LED lighting package means better performance, longer lifespan and increased safety.
Posted on Oct 01st, 2014
New point-to-point electrical system improves safety and maintainability.